Tavira - Algarve - Portugal

Sound Relaxation

Let the magic of the gong and the singing bowls take you on a wonderful journey of deep relaxation.
- Sound Massage - Sound Bath Meditations - Gong Bath -

I offer sound relaxation and share my artwork

Sound Relaxation offer

Experience the power of the sound vibration and their deeply calming impact on the nervous system. Choose from 1:1 or group sessions.

Explore my artwork

Feel the uplifting vibe/love of my artwork mainly inspired by spiritual symbolism and vibrant color schemes. Request original paintings or prints.

Olá, my name is christina...

…and I live with my husband Per and our dog Baloo in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal. …and here comes a very short introduction with a picture and some very interesting short test with a button to the about section. Peter Hess institut, siegel zeigen

Latest artwork

I love playing with color and spiritual symbolism. Here I am sharing my

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