relaxing sound experiences

Let the sound and vibration bring all your cells in your body back to its natural state of vibration.
Start your journey of relaxation and choose your experience.

Peter Hess® Sound Massage

Therapeutic singing bowls will be placed onto your body so that the vibration can travel deeply through the whole body. each individual cell.

Gong Bath

The powerful frequencies of the gong will be washing over you and wrapping you in a soothing coocon of sound waves.

Sound Bath Meditation

A guided meditation journey accompanied by singing bowls and the gong will lead you into a profoundly relaxing state of being.

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Join one of the regular sound bath meditation events in Santo Estevao / Tavira. Click here to reserve your seat.

Effects on body, mind & spirit

Sound therapy is an ancient practice that has already been used thousands of years ago to help the body to restore and activate self-healing. These are common benefits people are experiencing:

Some fun facts about sound

Learn why sound waves and vibration have such a powerful and calming impact on the nervous system.